Having a hard time finding insurance for your new Trucking company? We can help!

Starting a new trucking company can be difficult and sometimes finding the insurance is the hardest part. How is this so difficult?! Well over the last few years the trucking insurance industry has become very stringent on who they are wanting to insure.

They want you to have a CDL for at least 2 years – they want the trucks to be newer than 10 years – they want you to only run certain types of loads within certain distances. All of these things are common barriers but we have good news….. we can help get your company rolling no matter what!

No more messing around calling from place to place to be declined; we specialize in Trucking Insurance and we can help wherever your company is located. No more filling out multiple applications which are tedious and practically all the same. We do all the work for you. Give us a call and see how easy it is. We look forward to hearing from you!