When it comes to Trucking and other types of insurance there is almost always going to be a down payment. With that being said there is a way to get it even lower if you have a Trucking company! So you’re probably wondering how do I do that?

The answer is factoring! Our insurance company is proud to say we have a relationship with a factoring company who can help our customers get a deferred down payment up to 50% which means that they can help with a portion of your insurance payment and cash flow! So you’re probably thinking what’s the catch?

There’s really no catch and any fees associated with the deferred down payment are disclosed to you upfront. Unlike many factoring company’s, our factoring partner is great at making customers aware of how they operate and want to help your company operate smoothly. If you’re a new venture or are just getting started they can help with any of the applications that are necessary to get your authority. For company’s that are established they can also help with discounted fuel, a proprietary load board, and tools like their online platform that allows you and your business to see where and what kind of loads your company is making the most money on.

So what are the steps to getting a deferred down payment?

1) You have to want quality service from an insurance company and factoring company

2) Send an email to contact@tailoredis.com including: Your Name, Contact Number, and the Words “Deferred Down Payment”.

3) We will then give you call to get your company the best possible insurance pricing, coverage, and service along with the help from a Factoring company that also wants to help your business succeed!

We look forward to hearing from you and helping your company move in the right direction!