Physical Damage Coverage in Utah

Tailored physical damage insurance for your trucking business

What is Physical Damage Insurance?

Physical Damage Insurance is a broad term for coverages that can cover the damage to a vehicle. More specific terms would be Comprehensive, Collision, Fire, Theft, and or Vandalism coverage.

Experienced transportation and trucking companies know the importance of having the right Physical Damage Coverage for their business.

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What does Physical Damage Insurance Cover?

Physical Damage insurance can cover multiple incidents depending on what type of coverage is purchased.

Comprehensive coverage will cover incidents like heavy winds knocking over a tree onto your vehicle which was cause naturally.

Collision coverage will cover incidents like an Automobile Accident where your vehicle is totaled out.

Fire coverage is going to include damage if there were a fire to happen.

Theft will cover in case the vehicle is stolen.

Vandalism coverage will be covered in the event someone commits a crime towards your property resulting in significant damages.

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Physical Damage Highlights

Benefits include:

  • No minimum or maximum limits of coverage

  • Coverage available in 50 States
  • A Rated Carriers & RRG’s Available
  • Monoline / Standalone Coverage Available
  • Various Deductible Options

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