Thank you for inquiring about Tailored Insurance Group. My name is Rhett Jessop and I want to give you a quick overview about us and how we can help your company.

I have been around cars, trucks, and automobiles my whole life and I was the guy who worked on vehicles in repair shops back in my high school days.

I started Tailored Insurance Group after working for a Trucking Insurance carrier called  Prime Insurance Company. I loved the job working in the Field Underwriting department where I manually underwrote and sold policies that helped business owners around the country.

My mentor was Rick J. Lindsey who is the owner of Prime Insurance Company and founded the company in 1990 and has built it to over $250 Million in written premium as of 2018. I was blessed with the opportunity to fly all around the country with him to meet with agents, brokers, wholesalers, and the transportation companies he was helping on a one on one basis. He taught me how insurance products are built, sold, marketed, handled, and everything in between, whereas most people selling insurance have never done that and don’t truly understand the process of insurance or their customers needs. Rick figured out the most simple solution the industry is missing – filling his customers needs.

In NO WAY did I think of a career in the transportation insurance industry until traveling with Rick. I realized he was right, there was a need for a TAILORED PARTNERSHIP.

People trying to sell you insurance are not generally very educated about the product and they are sometimes sleezy and unreliable. At Tailored Insurance Group we  specialize in transportation so we know what our customers needs are and how their business operates. We are a partner not just a tool to get insurance.

I look forward to sharing with you what other insurance agencies and even the multibillion dollar companies aren’t able to provide and how we can help your company. In the meantime feel free to check out our website.